As an adventure destination for river enthusiasts India offers amazing opportunities for exploration of new rivers. Combined with the colorful chaos of this part of Asia travel in India never has a dull moment. A strong civilization has often been described as one that resists change and this is particularly true of India. India is a contradiction in many ways. Civilization has its roots in the Indian subcontinent and it is a country of amazing history and depth yet within that development there are pockets of ethnic groups living a life that has changed little with the passing centuries. Basically whatever you want to find you can find it in India and everyone who travels in India comes away with strong emotions about the country. It is that sort of place. It will not be too many years until many of these rivers will no longer be free running with dams planned on every major river in India so it is very much a case of raft them while you still can. We have some phenomenal first descents planned in India and look forward to these expeditions immensely.
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