David Allardice

New Zealander David Allardice is the driving force behind Ultimate Descents. David has spent the last 20 years in the Himalayas exploring and pioneering rivers. Apart from epic descents of many of Nepal's rivers David has organized and been involved in exploratory first descents in the Pamir and Tien Shan Mountains, the Rhondu Gorges of the Indus River and more recently the rivers of Bhutan, Tibet and Myanmar.

David was co-author of the original “White Water Nepal” guide with Peter Knowles and has written for many publications and guidebooks including Lonely Planet. David was invited by Govt. agencies into Bhutan, Myanmar and Sri Lanka as a consultant doing feasibility studies on the potential for developing new tourism opportunities in those countries. An avid photographer his images have appeared in many leading edge adventure publications and books.

Over the years David has shaped river running in Nepal, built three resorts and recently introduced bungy jumping and canyoning to the Himalayas. In the process he has devoted his life to these mountain areas: building schools, developing ongoing reforestation programmes and working closely with communities to provide new opportunities.

In this day and age there are many choices when it comes to planning an adventure holiday and it is our extensive experience, enthusiasm, service and professional staff that sets us apart. We set safety standards for others to follow and devote ourselves wholeheartedly to making every trip the finest possible.


In early 2003 the Govt. of Myanmar allowed a special permit for a feasibility study of the rivers in Kachin State. This was the first time any paddlers had ever been in Myanmar. We rafted and kayaked the main tributaries of the Ayeyarwaddy River high up near the border of Tibet and India. This included first descents of the Mayhka (The Impossible River) and Nam Lang rivers. In the process we charted over 300 km of unknown river wilderness in one of the most isolated regions of the planet and in the process discovered one of the world's most challenging rafting rivers.

2004 first commercial raft descent of the Nam Lang river.
2006 Mayhka 1st commercial descent.

From 1989 - 2004 we ran the first commercial raft descents of the Karnali, Bhote Kosi and Marsyangdi rivers. Ultimate Descents has continually run harder rivers at higher flows than any other company in Nepal. David Allardice and Ultimate Descents won the tourism awards for rafting in Nepal for five consecutive years till 2001 when the awards where discontinued.

In Feb - March 1997 the Tourism Authority of Bhutan invited us to do a study of potential rafting and kayaking rivers in the western and central areas of Bhutan. For this survey we kayaked many of the main rivers of Bhutan including first descents of the Po Chhu, Mo Chhu, Puna Sang Chhu, Mangde Chhu and Wang Chhu rivers.

1998 first raft descents of the Po Chhu, Mo Chhu, Puna Sang Chhu and Wang Chhu rivers.

Bhutan Rivers Report - this leads to Ravi / David's Bhutan guide.

In 2002 David Allardice was part of the international team that successfully paddled the inner gorges of the Yarlung Tsangpo river in the Pemako region for the first time. This epic descent was made into a documentary by Outside TV.

Other Expeditions
1990 - First descent of the un-run Rhondu Gorges of the Indus River. This was filmed in a documentary called "The Taming of the Lion" 1989 - First raft and kayak Descents of the Narynn and Mok Su rivers in what was then Soviet Central Asia.

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